Thank you for your interest in adopting from Ransom Rascals Rattery. If you are interested in adopting from us please read this page in full to ensure you meet our criteria. All my rats are first and foremost, my pets. I love them dearly and as such, I have to make sure that they only go to the best homes possible.

I have a very simple adoption process that must be adhered to.

My wait list is first come, first serve with preference given to past adopters. I will try to meet requirements regarding colour/markings. You can remain on my waiting list until you adopt and if you change your mind about adopting from us, just let me know so I can find the babies a new home.

I try to contact people around 3-4 weeks to make a short list to reserve babies. Please note that I cannot guarantee colours/markings from litters. Priority is given to myself, followed by people who have been on my waiting list the longest. If you do not reply within 2 days, I'm going to assume you are no longer interested in adopting.

Babies will be ready to go to their new homes from 6 weeks and I will contact all adopters to arrange this a week before their rehome date. I can keep babies for a bit longer if needed, especially if you are traveling or using public transportation. 

Please come prepared with a suitable travel cage for your babies, or let me know if you need a box.

All rats may be returned to me at any time, no questions asked. If you need to rehome your rats for whatever reason then please get in touch with me. I like to know where my rats are so I can keep track of their lines.

Adoption fees range depended on types per rat. The prices range from $40-100