Choosing the correct food for your Rats

         I feed all my rats Mazuri blocks as a main staple in their diet, the blocks are offered daily and refreshed every few days. On top of blocks my rats get a variety of additives like oats, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as daily supplements. Rats are omnivores, meaning they eat fruit, veggies, herbs and.... meat! it is essential to keep a large variety of food.

Main Diet of Mazuri Blocks         


Using block/Lab food is a top option in my opinion for your rats so the picky eaters do not pick out off the fruits and junk constantly. Avoid brands that are full of seeds and corn which are not suitable for rats. These most brands should be avoided as the nutrition value is very low in mixed seed bags. 


Variety of oats


Oats are a safe daily additive for rats, ensure it has no sugar. You can sprinkle oats around the cage to help you fur pals scavenge and get more stimulation. 



Freeze Dried Proteins

Minnows are an excellent choice for Omega additives to further improve their skin and coat health. Freeze Dried Beef, Minnow, Shrimp, Chicken are all types of additives I supply to my rats in moderation every day! Helps keep their diet vast while allowing them to explore other types of protein.


Another Great weekly treat is Mealworms and crickets, I offer my rats a separate box with live Mealworms and crickets to let them hunt and jump around. They love hunting for crickets!

Daily Supportive Supplements

There are 5 different types of daily supplements in the form of tabs, each tab is 4 days worth (1/4). Depending on your rats needs each supplement plays a role, I work closely with a veterinarian at my work to ensure every rat I have is well cared for or if people need suggestions I can help.

The 5 types are Skin & Coat, Digestive, Urinary, Joint Support and a Multi Vitamin. I mainly use the Skin & Coat or Multi Vitamin if I do not have any Freeze Driet Protiens readily available. My rats love these treats and never turn one down!

Mineral Blocks

Once every 2 weeks to once a month I give everyone a Mineral black for an extra source of Calcium, a strong and healthy body is a big thing I ensure all my rats have so every one and baby stays well!