Thank you for your interest in owning Rats!

We also have a Facebook page for easier contact: RansomRascalsRattery

If you would like to own one of our rats, please begin the process by filling out the form below, We always try to find the best possible home and environment for our rats.

Ransom Rascals Rattery Adoption Application



  • Basic: $70
  • Silvermane: $100


  • Basic: $30
  • Rex / Velveteen: $30
  • Double Rex / Velveteen: $35
  • Downunder, Masked, Banded: $40
  • Seal Point & Blue Point Siamese: $50
  • Silvermane: $60
  • Dark Phase Pearl / Pearl / Merle: $70
  • Manx: $100*


  • Odd Eyes +$20

A 50% non-refundable cash deposit is required to hold the baby of your choice, you are not required to place this unless you want to gaurentee a kit. If you pick a baby and did not place a deposit, then someone else takes interest and places a deposit that kit is now theirs.

I've been working with them since:
Siamese: 2018
Tortoiseshell: 2020
Merle: 2021
Silvermane: 2021
Harley: 2022
Manx: 2023